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Club Coronavirus Status

Please see WSC Indoor Range Chair Chuck Steinhauser’s letter of July 7th, and WSC President David Martin’s letters of May 21st and March 19th to the membership about changes being made to club operations to comply with State and Federal directions to reduce the rate of infection from the coronavirus pandemic.

The current changes are:

    7-Jul’20: From today’s Indoor Range Chair’s Letter:

  1. The Indoor Range will reopen on Sunday, July 12th operating under additional health and safety rules.

  2. 21-May’20: From today’s President’s Letter:

  3. Trap has resumed for WSC members only on a restricted basis using a new online reservation system and new operating standards. Also, payments for rounds may now be made online.
  4. Our Outdoor Archery range and 3D Archery course remain open to members.
  5. According to the State Reopening Plan, Hunting has recommenced. Members should adhere to Social Distancing guidelines and must follow state Hunting regulations. This refers to generic hunting – the Game Preserve has never stocked birds during the summer.

  6. 1-Apr’20: From the President: The entire clubhouse (including meeting spaces, Indoor Range, and both bathrooms) is closed. Please avoid entering closed spaces except in case of an emergency for access to resources like the AED or landline phone.
  7. 1-Apr’20: From the Trap chair: The May 16th ATA Trap Marathon is canceled. The April 11th Marathon was already canceled.

  8. 27-Mar’20: From the Membership Secretary: Monthly New Member Presentations will be conducted online via Zoom videoconferencing until further notice.

  9. 20-Mar’20: From the Indoor Range chair: The Indoor Range (and its “inner” bathroom) is closed until further notice.

  10. 19-Mar’20: From today’s President’s Letter:

  11. E-Board and General Membership meetings are cancelled until further notice. We are investigating ways to carry on the club’s functions through online tools.
  12. Open Sporting Clays and Trap shoots normally held on Saturday mornings in the spring/summer will be suspended until further notice. The activity chairs are searching for ways to carry on these activities in compliance with social distancing; possibly by changing the format of our shoots to allow small groups of members to participate on a staggered schedule.
  13. We are developing an interim process to allow new members to join the club without attending a General Membership meeting. We will notify the membership once we have a process defined.
  14. The Children’s Fishing Derby, scheduled for April 18th is cancelled. If at all possible, a future date will be announced. All members should please mail in their tickets for the Fishing Derby. We will hold the promotional drawing live on Facebook on April 18th at 11:00 a.m. We appreciate all members that donated to help sponsor this event. The funds from the promotional drawing will be held in the Fishing Derby Account until the derby is held.
  15. We are considering a small stocking of the pond sometime in early April for members and families to fish. Remember: the 3 trout per day limit is in effect.

Despite these difficult changes, the Westford Sportsmen’s Club will remain open to members. Please take advantage of the club to get outside and decompress.

Remember while you are at the club to follow the guidelines for social distancing:

  • Don’t congregate in groups larger than 10;
  • Don’t gather in the club buildings;
  • Maintain a 6 foot distance between individuals;
  • If you are ill, please stay off club grounds;
  • … and finally – WASH YOUR HANDS!

Thank you,
David Martin
President, Westford Sportsmen’s Club

Outdoor Range Access Road Reopened

Thanks to a run of dry weather, the roads and parking areas at the WSC which had been closed for mud season are now open again. Vehicles can once again be driven past the pond and parked by the outdoor ranges and the Sporting Clays trailer. As always, travel with care just in case the odd wet spot or low-hanging branch persist. This is just in time for the April 6th changeover to Spring/Summer Sporting Clays on Saturday mornings.

Questions to the President.

Special Sporting Clays Triples Shoot, this Sunday October 23rd

This Sunday October 23rd, shotgunners have an alternative to the normal rounds on our Sporting Clays course: a “Trips” shoot option, where every target presentation shows 3 birds! Bring out your pump or auto loading shotguns for this FUN shoot – a 100 bird event for $20.00! You can shoot a 100 round Triples session and still be home in time for the Patriots game starting at 4:25PM that afternoon.

(Single/double shotgunners who don’t own a pump or autoloader can still be accommodated in Triples).

Questions to the chair.

Women Invited to Try Sporting Clays on April 16

Women members are invited to try out sporting clays at the next Sportswomen meeting on April 16 from 9:00-11:00AM. Our club is new-shooter friendly and is happy to bring more new women shooters into the fold. Meet in the clubhouse at 9:00AM and walk with us to the sporting clays area at 9:30AM. The Sporting Clays Chair will offer instruction and guidance as we try the sport out. You will learn about the course protocols, different shotgun sizes/gauges, actions, shooting strategies and which gun best suits which conditions. Bring your own shotgun or use one from the club; also, bring eye and ear protection. Each woman will need a box of shells which the club sells for $7 per box. RSVP to the Sportswomen Chair if you plan to be there so that we can have enough supplies for the group.