The Westford Sportsmen’s Club currently has four archery facilities for members:

  1. Target range with dual hanging bag targets at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 yards. These are open to all types of archery using field points, though we do restrict broadheads to specific block targets on the practice range. For broadheads the practice range offers a broadhead target shelter as well as moveable broadhead-capable block targets.
  2. Auxiliary youth/beginner 10 yard hay bale training range. This is ideal for junior events since it accepts blunter youth arrows that too often bounce off bag targets.
  3. Two-level (15′, 26′) archery tower, with 3-D targets ranging from close-in, to 50 yards out.
  4. “Hunting Style” 30 target 3D course, open from January – mid October. It provides challenging shots at a variety of game animals (including deer, bears, and big game/exotics like elk, blesbok, ibex and dahl sheep) in actual woodland settings, highlighting some of our hillier terrain and views.

Success at 10Y

Success at 10Y

Public 3D Shoots

Several Sunday mornings each year we host the Granite State Bowhunters Association on our 3D course. These events are open to WSC members and the public. Registration fee for these events are $18 (Non-GSB/WSC member), $15 (GSB member), $5 (WSC member), Free (under 18, or setup volunteer). Fresh cooked breakfasts and lunches at the clubhouse “Archery Cafe” make these events perfect for for family fun. See the Granite State Bowhunter’s website or Facebook page for more information, and WSC’s archery web calendar for the complete schedule.


Range Procedures and Commands

Our range procedures are documented online, and are available for printing.

Information & Communications

Contact us at .

We send periodic newsletters and event notices to all WSC members who sign up for our “Archery Interest” mailing list. Those participating in craft clinics may also receive emailed course material – you can find some examples in the Archery section of WSC’s document archive. Scheduled events are listed on the WSC web calendar (and in the Archery-only calendar view, below). And we include writeups of completed events in the club’s monthly newsletter – past newsletters are archived online.

WSC Archery: Aiming, for Fun

Archery Events

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Granite State Bowhunters 3-D Shoot, All Archers Welcome! INDOOR RANGE CLOSED

April 14, 2024

The Archery group is hosting a Granite State Bowhunters 3D shoot.

Adult GSB shooters with membership cards pay $12, non-members $15 - save $3 by joining GSB at registration ($10 for individuals, $15 for families). Under 18's shoot free.

The clubhouse upstairs will be running a cafe, so the indoor range is closed for the duration. Outdoor ranges should remain open.

Questions to the Archery Chair.

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