In-person meetings to resume

Dear WSC Members,

During the May session of the WSC Executive Board meeting, we voted, pursuant to Governor Baker’s announcement relaxing COVID 19 restrictions, to allow in person meetings to resume, but with a few clarifications.

First, the General Membership meetings will resume, effective June 7, in a “Hybrid” meeting format until further notice. This means we will run the meetings in the club house in person, AND via Zoom. The hybrid format will enable members to choose whether to participate in person or remotely via Zoom: whatever makes them feel more comfortable. Please note that if you choose to attend the meetings in person:

  • If you have been fully vaccinated, no face covering is required.
  • If you have not been fully vaccinated, a face covering is strongly recommended.

Secondly, individual Activity Chairs are to determine the specific COVID 19 practices for their individual disciplines. What this means is that each individual chair may determine how to conduct business in compliance with the governor’s orders while also helping to ensure the safe operation of their respective activity.

On a personal note as the officer in charge of running the General Membership meetings, I want to encourage people to be cautious as we begin the return to normalcy. I am fully vaccinated and I believe the vaccines are effective. But this is only my opinion based on the available data. I know that many of our members are not fully vaccinated and are not able to be for various medical conditions. I want you all to exercise prudent personal caution. If you are not fully vaccinated, either wear face coverings, or continue to exercise social distance.

This hybrid approach will take a little getting used to, especially for me. I am charting these unfamiliar waters same as you. I will send out the pre-meeting emails as I have been doing. I hope to have as many members involved in the running of the club as possible. It is YOUR CLUB. I am only your servant and I hope to do the best I can.

I hope to see you in person, or virtually, June 7, 2021.