Sporting Clays

The Westford Sportsmen’s Club sporting clays course is open to the public.

  • We currently have 15 stations with changes in the planning stages.
  • Each station is designed as a mini parcours with multiple manual traps, mobile shooting butts and a full range of target sizes, speeds and angles. Our flexibility allows us to offer courses that simulate most upland game hunting situations. We range in degree of difficulty from long range (12 gauge) to .410 friendly courses.

Our course is designed and managed in such a fashion as to ensure complete safety for those wishing to walk up to and along the course, even during shooting times. All roads and trails can be used during shoots. However, while Sporting Clays shooting is in progress (generally Saturday mornings April/September and Sunday afternoons Oct/March), walkers must not wander into the woods downrange on the course. If you must drive up the road during shooting please see one of the SC committee members for approval and directions.

 Starting Times
 Saturdays  Sundays
 April – September  9:15AM and 10:30AM -None-
 October – March -None-  12:30PM and 2:15PM(*)
 Note: First starting time each day is prompt.
             Second starting time(*) will depend on completion time of first round.

We are open year round, rain dependent. Our approach is to send out squads at both starting times, second rounds(*) are quickly followed up as each squad returns to the main gathering area. We do not provide individual starting times. Shooters gather at the Sporting Clays trailer at the south end of the trout pond. Shooters must be on site 15 minutes prior to start times to allow “squadding”. Gate is locked immediately following the second round(*) of clays.

(*) There is never a second round on Sunday afternoons during Winter Clays once Daylight Savings Time ends in early November; until it resumes in mid-March.

Fee Structure

Fees are: per shooter, $20.00 (non-member)/$15.00 (WSC member) for the first round of 50 birds, and $10.00 for the second round of 50. Youths under age 15 are always $5.00 per 50 (must have taken gun safety course). No grouping for fee reductions.

Standard Operating Procedures (Rev. 22-Apr’17)

Safety: Standard Operating Procedures

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn by shooters, spectators and trappers at all times
  • Everyone is responsible for course safety – if you see something, say something
  • Shooters must never move shooting “boxes”
  • All firearms must have actions open at all times unless you are in a “shooting box”
  • No loaded shotguns unless you are in a “shooting box”
  • Clear your chambers and unload your spent hulls before leaving the “shooting box”
  • Only two shells (target loads-7.5 shot size max) are to be loaded into your shotgun
  • Orange safety cones denote general trapper location, No muzzles in their direction
  • If you hear a command to “cease fire’ -or- ‘unload” immediately stop everything and open your breach until you are cleared to resume shooting
  • No shooting live birds or animals
  • Dogs must be leashed while on the course
  • Sporting Clays Machines are for SC members and trained trapper use only
  • Keep our roads accessible for emergency vehicles. If there is an on-course incident, a sporting clays committee member will take charge of the scene, ensure appropriate care is given and we will call 911. We will have someone meet the emergency vehicles at the gate and notes will be generated for future review/s
  • NOTE: Callers must refer to incident as “accidental”. DO NOT use the word “shooting” to avoid SWAT type response.

Courtesy SOP’s

  • We often deal with crowds, come early for “squad/time” assignments
    (intact groups should id themselves asap)
  • Do not leave the parking lot for the course until your squad has been cleared to do so
  • Those planning to shoot 2 rounds should bring enough shells for their 100 bird event
  • Shooters usually rotate at being the first to shoot at each new station (ok to swap)
  • Only the first shooter can ask to see bird presentations, wait until full squad is ready
  • No extra shots are allowed unless there is a failure (yours or ours)
  • Keep the squad moving at a reasonable pace. No professional instruction. See a committee member for course instruction or personal assistance
  • Shell buckets are for hulls only (no trash or shell boxes)
  • Shooters are expected to haul their own trash out (shell boxes/bottles/coffee cups)
  • Please return “wad clearing sticks” to blue ID tags after usage
  • Please don’t use gun racks to hold shooting bags
  • See a committee member if you need access to the main club house rest rooms
  • Small, off road vehicles approved, SLOW rate of speed!
  • Email updates available by request (sign up sheet in trailer)

Club SOP’s

  • 10 MPH speed limit in effect year round on all club roads – check your speed!
  • No shooting before 1pm on Sundays – all shooting must cease at sunset
  • No driving on the course during shooting hours
    (see a committee member for exceptions – golf carts and quads are approved)
  • Please avoid parking in front of pistol and rifle ranges
  • Pond fishing is for members only

Sporting Clays Events

Events in June 2024

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
May 26, 2024
May 27, 2024
May 28, 2024
May 29, 2024
May 30, 2024
May 31, 2024(1 event)

Sportsmens Rendezvous

May 31, 2024

WSC members will gather at the outdoor fire pit, and tell fishing, hunting and shooting stories.

If it rains, we'll go indoors to the clubhouse upstairs meeting room.

Questions to the WSC President.

June 1, 2024(1 event)
June 2, 2024
June 3, 2024
June 4, 2024
June 5, 2024
June 6, 2024
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June 8, 2024(1 event)
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June 30, 2024
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