Action Bays

Action Bays


The Action Bays consist of 5 shooting bays of various sizes. You must qualify to have access to the first two bays. Bay One can be set up as the user needs with steel or paper targets. Bay Two has two steel plate racks set up with six plates each. The remaining bays are used for competitions, demonstrations, and club matches.

Normal operating hours are from 8AM to sunset, with the exception of Sundays, when no outdoor shooting of any kind is allowed before 1PM.


The Action Bays were built with the action shooting sports such as Steel Challenge, and USPSA/IDPA in mind. Practice sessions, club matches and demonstration sessions are offered from late Spring through early Fall. They also offer the ability to use your own approved targets, run shooting drills, practice draw from the holster, and many other aspects of shooting that are not allowed, or not easy to do on the other club ranges


Qualifications are held on the first Sunday after the monthly club meetings, weather and conditions in the Bays permitting.

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Match Results

WSC posts our intraclub match results on SigSauer’s PractiScore site.