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2020 Turkey Shoot, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21

Prizes are $10 Market Basket Gift Cards,
limit one prize per shooter

$5 Entry Fee gets you:

  • “Chuckwagon” Bill’s Ginger-Snap Crusted Smoked Ham/Coleslaw and Baked Bean Lunch
  • 1 Door Prize Drawing Ticket
  • Entry into “Adios” Shoot-off; last shooter on 27-yard line gets gift card.

25-shot Rounds are $3.50 or 1 WSC card punch:
with more chances to win…

  • Smoke Puff Birds – Gift Card Winners
  • White Birds – extra drawing ticket
    Most White Birds – Wins a gift card.

How to Enter……
Reserve spots at this online signup calendar,
or sign up (if space available) on site starting at 9:30.

Here is the lovely flyer.

Outdoor Range Access Road Reopened

Thanks to a run of dry weather, the roads and parking areas at the WSC which had been closed for mud season are now open again. Vehicles can once again be driven past the pond and parked by the outdoor ranges and the Sporting Clays trailer. As always, travel with care just in case the odd wet spot or low-hanging branch persist. This is just in time for the April 6th changeover to Spring/Summer Sporting Clays on Saturday mornings.

Questions to the President.