RESCHEDULED Turkey Shoot, Sat, November 30th

Trap Turkey Shoot

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

(Signups start 10:30AM; event starts at 11:00AM).

This is our last official event for 2019 – all about having fun and being lucky. Prizes will be $10 Market Basket Gift Cards that you can apply towards Turkeys.

It costs $5 to enter, which includes beverages/snacks and a raffle ticket for a “Turkey” door prize, plus $3.50 per round (25 birds at 16 yards). You can sign up for as many rounds as time allows. To keep it fair and spread the wealth, each person can only win one turkey.

Four Chances to Win

  1. Door Prize – 1 gift card will be awarded as a door prize drawing from all participants
  2. Special Bird – 5 standard orange birds will be filled with a colored powder tha produces a “puff ball” when hit. Breaking these birds automatically wins a gift card.
  3. White Birds – Each time that you break a “white” bird during a round, your name will be placed in a pool that will be drawn at the end of the event. If your name is drawn, you win a gift card. To increase the odds of winning, the number of “white” birds per round will be increased to provide more people with a chance to win.
  4. Most White Birds – A gift card will be issued to the participant that has broken the most white birds during the event that has not already won a gift card from any of the above.

Coffee and donuts at 10:30AM.
Burgers, hot dogs, sodas, and snacks at 12:30PM.