Action Bays Club Match/Demo

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Posted by: Alan Martin
Outdoor Action Bay Range

Action Bays Club Match/Demo


A club match and a demonstration match is scheduled for the Action Bays. The club match will begin at 9:00AM, and is for members that have qualified in the Action Bays. The demonstration match begins at 1:00PM, and is open to any club member that has not qualified in the Action Bays, but does have their orange card for the outdoor ranges.

The details as follows:

Club match - Setup will start at 7:30AM. Please come early to help set up. The match starts at 9:00AM, sharp. There will be six stages. Round count will be sixty rounds total. There will be a mix of steel, paper, stationary and moving targets. There will be draw from the holster as well as staged starts. You will need at least two magazines of ten rounds each max, or at least two speed loaders for a revolver for each stage. Expected finish time is 12:00 noon. Any gun acceptable in the bays may be used. We will have divisions for revolvers, semi auto pistols, pistol caliber carbines, .22LR, iron sights, and red dots.

Demonstration match - We will be using the same setup as the club match. Starting time is 1:30PM sharp. Targets are as above. Round count will be fifty rounds. All starts will be from a staged setting or from the low ready position. Any gun that is allowed in the Action Bays will be OK for this match. Acceptable calibers are .22LR, any of the .32 calibers, .38spl, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP.

Refer to the Action Bay rules for details.

Come on out and enjoy the Action Bays. Spectators will be allowed for both matches. Ear and Eye protection is required at all times in the Action Bays during a match. Let's make some noise!

Questions to the Action Bay Chair.

Action Bays Club Match/Demo