Hunting Season has Arrived

Small game, bird and deer season opened in October and we need to all share the WSC grounds. During deer season, do not drive the dirt roads up into the Sporting Clays area beyond the first field unless you have work to do on the Sporting Clays course or you need to haul your deer out. If you are hunting by or past the Sporting Clays course, please park near the intersection by the first field without blocking any roads.

Hunting on the Sporting Clays range and in the Game Preserve is done as follows:

  • No road hunting is allowed.
  • Do not dump deer carcasses shot off property.
  • Bird hunting is closed during shotgun and muzzle loader deer seasons.

Game Preserve

WSC’s game preserve opens Sept. 15 through March 31. The game preserve is licensed by the Commonwealth and allows stocked bird hunting in advance of the small game season. All birds released on the property must be obtained from a Massachusetts breeder that is fully NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Program) certified and tested. Game birds may be ordered by calling the WSC Game Preserve Chairman. You must call ahead to place your order.

You must have a valid Massachusetts hunting license and follow all applicable rules and regulations of Mass Wildlife.

In order to support state game preserve license reporting, any game bird purchase receipts and harvest reports must be turned over promptly to the WSC Game Preserve Chairman. The forms are located inside the lower entrance of the club house.

If you don’t have a dog, but would like to try bird hunting, please ask. We will work to line you up with a dog owner.

Wearing of an orange cap is required. And remember, to quote the late Al Unger, “Don’t shoot the dogs.”

Use of Sporting Clays Range

We are repeating this warning to make sure this is well understood and followed. Unless you are participating in an organized Sporting Clays event, do not use any of the sporting range equipment or throwers. This is a serious safety and liability issue. Other than organized Sporting Clays shoots, no shooting of any kind is allowed up on the Sporting Clays course unless you are hunting during a hunting season.

Targets and throwers on the Sporting Clays ranges behind the pistol and rifle ranges are not for individual use. The Sporting Clays range is only to be used during shoots organized by the Sporting Clays committee. If you want to try or learn sporting clays, please contact the Sporting Clays chair. For clay target practice, a spring thrower is permanently mounted at the trap field. No hand throwers are allowed at WSC. Please do not use club purchased clay targets.

The Sporting Clays road must not be driven on while shooting is in progress (generally Saturday mornings April/September and Sunday afternoons Oct/March). If you must drive up the road during shooting please see one of the SC committee members for approval and directions.