2020 Membership Renewals

The Westford Sportsmen’s Club 2020 membership renewal drive has ended. Dues were payable, and due by, January 6th, the date of the January general meeting. Dues rates remained unchanged from 2019: $150/$75 for regular member/spouse, $75/$37.50 for senior member/senior spouse. The work assessment is unchanged: 4 hours or $50.

Prospective new members remain welcome to apply for WSC membership at any time during the calendar year.

On March 4th, a message titled “Password Change Notice” containing the 2020 clubhouse WiFi/private web page password was EMailed to all members in good standing. The update has been applied to all systems as of March 18th.

Gate access cards were disabled for members whose dues were not paid by February 29th unless prior arrangements for payment had already been made with the Membership Secretary. Only members in good standing have access to club facilities. Membership has been terminated for any member whose dues remained unpaid after June 30th, and can only be restored by the full interview process (and payment of initiation fees).

We still have Life memberships available if you’re interested – no more renewal forms or sending payments in year after year. For more information, please contact the Membership Secretary.