Mass Gun Laws by and for Non-Lawyers, Sat, April 8, 2017

(How To Stay Legal and Out of Trouble)

Save the date! Noted gun instructor Len Segal presents an all-day class for laymen.

A 6+ hour exploration of Massachusetts gun laws including ample time for your questions and answers. (NOTE: This is NOT the same material you received in a Basic Firearms Class, it is a lot more comprehensive than that).

This class exposes the rumors and presents the facts:

  • The lawful use of lethal force for self defense.
  • Safe & legal storage, carry, “forbidden places,” and transportation legalities.
  • Buying, selling, transferring, shipping, and inheritance of firearms. FA-10 forms and filing issues.
  • Understanding “Large Capacity” and “Assault Weapons” law.
  • Discussion of “gray areas”, case law, law enforcement “thinking”, etc.
  • Non-resident visitor issues, dual residency, ammo storage. Loss of license, restraining orders, bonded warehouses.
  • Boston laws, interstate transportation, and lots more…
  • The changes made in gun laws in August 2014.
  • The Attorney General’s re-definition of an Assault Weapon will be discussed.

The class will be held in the upstairs clubhouse meeting room from 9:00AM (sharp) to 4:00PM, including a one hour lunch break.

Free to WSC members.

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