2020 Turkey Shoot, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21

Prizes are $10 Market Basket Gift Cards,
limit one prize per shooter

$5 Entry Fee gets you:

  • “Chuckwagon” Bill’s Ginger-Snap Crusted Smoked Ham/Coleslaw and Baked Bean Lunch
  • 1 Door Prize Drawing Ticket
  • Entry into “Adios” Shoot-off; last shooter on 27-yard line gets gift card.

25-shot Rounds are $3.50 or 1 WSC card punch:
with more chances to win…

  • Smoke Puff Birds – Gift Card Winners
  • White Birds – extra drawing ticket
    Most White Birds – Wins a gift card.

How to Enter……
Reserve spots at this online signup calendar,
or sign up (if space available) on site starting at 9:30.

Here is the lovely flyer.