Winter 2022 Action Bay Qualification Schedule

Action Bay qualifications will be by appointment only for the months of January, February and March. Please contact the Action Bay Chairman at least a week in advance to schedule any qualification sessions for these months. The weather is starting to be a factor that we will need to deal with as it comes.

The Action Bays are open and ready for all qualified members. Please be careful and enjoy them.

The following rules and cautions are especially important for the Bays during the winter:

  • Please ensure all shots impact the berm at least 24 inches above the floor of the bay. This is to reduce the increased ricochet hazard brought on by the frozen ground.
  • Watch your footing. Ice and ice covered with snow will put you down quick if you are not careful and aware.
  • When finished with the plate racks, place a barrel under the reset ropes to keep them out of the snow and ice. The ropes will freeze to the ground if this is not followed.
  • Please report any unsafe conditions to the Action Bay Chairman or the Chief Range Officer.

The steel targets in Bay #1 are currently configured as the Steel Challenge stage known as “Smoke and Hope“. If anyone wishes this to be changed out for a different set up, please let the Action Bay Chairman know. You may move the steel around to suit, but remember the minimum safe distance to the steel is 21 feet. Please put the steel back in the original configuration before leaving the bay, and leave the steel painted for the next user.

Thank you and be safe.