New Gate Opener

The new card-operated gate opener is in operation. Dave Gilson has been issuing proximity cards to members. The card gives a member access to the gate, clubhouse and if qualified, the indoor range. If you did not pick up your card at meetings and handout events, it will be mailed to you when you renew your WSC membership for 2016.

Loss of Gate Opener Proximity card

If a member loses his/her card, $10.00 will be assessed for a replacement card.
All cards are serialized and can de-activated if lost, or if a member does not remain in good standing .

Gate opener accessories

For convenience, or for the member that has everything keyfobs and remote gate openers can be purchased.
The keyfob fits on your keychain and is available for $5.00, replacement cost if lost $10.00.
The remote is a pushbutton type device much like your car door opener but only works with the gate – not with clubhouse doors. The remote is available for $25.00, replacement cost if lost $30.00.
Please contact Dave Gilson or Dennis Morin if you’d like to purchase any of these devices.