2018 Membership Renewals

The WSC 2018 membership renewal drive is nearing a close. 2018 dues were due by the end of January 2018, and two EMail reminders have been sent to those in arrears. Dues rates increased from 2017 – member/spouse: $150/$75 each; senior/senior-spouse: $75/$37.50 each. The work assessment is unchanged: $50 in lieu of 4 hours per family. A late payment fee of $25.00 will be assessed on dues still outstanding.

Membership will be terminated for any member whose dues remain unpaid by June 30th, and can only be restored by the full interview process (and payment of initiation fees). For more information, please contact the .

Access cards were disabled at the end of February for members whose dues weren’t paid-up. Only members in good standing now have access to club facilities. In particular, the new password for clubhouse WiFi/and members-only web pages was EMailed to paid-up members on Wednesday, March 7th.

You can renew online via Paypal, or by submitting a completed renewal form by mail with a check, or in person with check or cash to the Membership Secretary at general membership or E-Board meetings. After applicable dues, work assessments, and late fees have been paid, gate access cards will be reenabled.

Please make checks payable to Westford Sportsmen’s Club. Print and fill out the renewal form and include it with your check if renewing by mail. This allows the Membership Secretary to keep member contact information up to date. Please be sure to include your $50 if you have not completed your 2017 work requirement.

The mailing address of the club is:

Westford Sportsmen’s Club, Inc.
PO Box 742
Westford, MA 01886-0023
Attention: Membership Secretary

If paying in person at a general membership meeting with cash, please have the exact amount, as the Membership Secretary will probably not be able to make change.

We still have Life memberships available if you’re interested – no more renewal forms or sending payments in year after year.

Reasons for Dues Increase

From the Treasurer’s 2018 Budget Report to the November General Membership Meeting

It has been 10 years since our last dues increase, and we’ve drawn down our reserves to help pay for capital investments and maintenance. Big ticket items like the new (50 year) maintenance building hit yearly budgets hard – but they will support club operations for many years.

Current dues won’t meet the next few years’ capital requirements – to save the trout pond from terminal siltation, repair or replace other collapsing structures, and eventually expand activity facilities – without drastic cuts in our existing programs.

Our reserve (“Life Member Account”) is funded by initiation fees and life member dues, as well as annual operating surpluses. Remember, these funds can only be spent on specific projects approved by membership vote. Our accounting system is being enhanced to better communicate and manage multi-year capital spending needs.

The 2018 dues are designed to provide ongoing programs plus a long-term capital program averaging $35-40K a year. This should be enough to take care of our trout pond and still allow membership to consider 1-2 other improvements.

The work assessment remains at: 4 hours labor per year or $50 (per family).