Event Planner Application Form


    Is this event an Educational/Training Class or Seminar? YESNO
    If "YES", the Chair of Education and Training must approve prior to WSC E-Board review.

    Does this event involve any of the outdoor ranges? YESNO
    If "YES", you must contact the Chief Range Officer to determine whether the event needs a Range Safety Officer assigned.
    Name(s) of assigned RSO(s):

    Name of Requester:
    What is your EMail address:
    This address will be CCed on the completed form.

    Date of Event:
    What day of the week?
    What is the starting time for participants?
    What is the ending time for participants?
    If a multi-day event, what date does it end?
    If a multi-day event with different start/end times, please specify them.

    What is the title of the event?
    Purpose/Description of Event:

    Estimated Number of Participants:

    Participant Cost:

    What Facilities are Needed for this Event?
    Where should participants first gather?

    Cost to WSC?

    Expected Outcome of Event:

    Event Planner contact form last revision: 27-Oct'23.