Event Planner Application

Special events utilizing the facilities of the Westford Sportsmen’s Club require the permission of the E-Board to reserve club assets and secure any needed funding. The first step in this process is for the convenor to submit an application describing their plans for the event. If circumstances dictate modification of the plans, it is the responsibility of the applicant to keep the E-Board apprised of any updates.


    Is this event an Educational/Training Class or Seminar? YESNO
    If "YES", the Chair of Education and Training must approve prior to WSC E-Board review.

    Name of Requester:
    What is your EMail address:
    This address will be CCed on the completed form.
    Date of Event:
    What day of the week?
    What is the starting time for participants?
    What is the ending time for participants?
    If a multi-day event, what date does it end?
    If a multi-day event with different start/end times, please specify them.
    What is the title of the event?
    Purpose/Description of Event:
    Estimated Number of Participants: Participant Cost:
    What Facilities are Needed for this Event?
    Where should participants first gather?
    Cost to WSC?
    Expected Outcome of Event:

    If you do not receive an EMail copy of your submission within a few hours of hitting the Send button,
    then contact the WSC Webmaster.

    Event Planner contact form last revision: 29-Jul'21.