Indoor Range SOPs Clarification RE: Guests

A reminder that ALL GUESTS must be supervised closely while on the Indoor Range.  We’ve clarified the issue of guests on the Indoor Range as it pertains to what is required of the member/sponsor.  The Indoor Range Standard Operating Procedures have been amended as follows:


1. WSC Members are allowed two guests at a time. Guests may visit the range areas twice, after which they must apply to join the WSC.  Immediate family members are not restricted in the number of visits.  All members are responsible for their guests (minor and adult) on the Indoor Range.  Any minor under 15 years of age or a minor under 18 years of age who does not possess an FID card MUST be under the direct supervision of the member at all times while using the Indoor Range.  “Direct supervision” means that the member is not shooting while the guest is shooting.

Please consult the online Indoor Range SOPs for details.

Alex Cannella-Indoor Range Chairman / Rick Cooper Chief Range Safety Officer