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This increasingly popular “sport for a lifetime” is easy to get hooked on. It’s a fun intro to shotguns since everyone breaks at least some targets. The pressure comes later, when you’re seeking the elusive 25, 50, 100 scores that require dedication and practice.


WSC offers top-notch facilities for experienced shooters and beginners alike. Our two trap fields face North to avoid solar glare. They’re separated by a fence to limit distractions, and each has a hedge to mask debris fields and a dense tree line providing a solid backdrop and good contrast for orange clays. The fields are set up for all three trap “games”; five stations with distances marked from 16 yards (for “Singles”) to 27 yards (the maximum for “Handicaps”). Both of our “Pat-Trap” clay throwers are voice-activated, capable of automatic “Doubles”, and benefit from radar-gun setting, professional maintenance and ongoing modernization. There are also manual throwers on the West (#1) field members can use during shooting hours when the field is not in use. For patterning your gun, adjacent to Field 1 we have a grease board and paper frame; when present the opener can provide you pattern paper. The air-conditioned trap house has a shady porch for Summer, a wood stove blazing in Winter, and a fire pit, picnic tables and grill for all-season sessions. We can provide eye and ear protection and shell belts until you get your own. To support our team dinners and events we have commercial fridge and freezers, multiple microwaves and ample serving space, and a flat screen for presentations and teaching clinics.

Competitions and Events:

WSC hosts several public ATA (US Amateur Trap Association) registered shoots each year. WSC is also an active member of the Greater Lowell Trap League, a collection of 11 local sports clubs that compete against each other on a weekly basis from April to August. We field teams of all skill levels (including the 2021 top-level AA winners) in the GLTL. No previous competitive experience is necessary to join; teams are assembled according to experience and ability. We also put on Holiday “prize” events for club members such as July 4 or the Thanksgiving “Turkey Shoot”. Members can also reserve a field for special events as long as a qualified WSC opener is present.


For more information, see our Introduction to WSC Trap, and the full page trap news in the monthly WSC newsletter. Club members can access our library of helpful trap articles here, and ask to be on our mailing list by contacting the Trap Chair.


We’re normally open (with a volunteer qualified to warm up and shut down equipment) for members, family and guests on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00PM as posted on the club’s web calendar. For other practices, clinics, schedule changes, or cancellations, members can check our on-line Trap Signup Calendar.


A round of 25 is $3.50 – please buy a 10-round punch card via Paypal on the Trap Signup Calendar page, and pick it up at the next open trap session. Break ‘em all!

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