Outdoor Range Safety Briefing

If you are interested in using the outdoor ranges you must obtain an Orange Card by attending an Outdoor Range Safety Briefing, given by the Outdoor Range Chair. Please meet Ken at the clubhouse at 11:30 AM and allow 2 1/2 hours for this briefing. (We will be starting on schedule, so please be on time). You must bring hearing and eye protection. Ken requests that you bring something to shoot (pistol or rifle), appropriate ammo, and targets. However, please attend the briefing, with your eye/ear protection, even if you currently do not have a gun. If you are unable to attend the briefing on the Sunday immediately after the general meeting when you were initiated, or if you are a existing member planning to attend in order to finally obtain your Orange Card, please e-mail Ken to let him know whether or not to print your card. Ken will be using the Outdoor Range Rules which reside on the web site’s Forms-Documents page.