Action Bay Qualifications (PISTOL RANGE CLOSED)

11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Posted by: Alan Martin
Outdoor Action Bay Range

Action Bay Qualifications (PISTOL RANGE CLOSED)


Qualifications for use of the Action Bays by club members, to ensure that participants can safely use a holster with a handgun and shoot safely.

In essence, there will be a written test, and you will be required to draw and fire from a holster and hit a target at thirty feet.


  • Center fire handgun in an acceptable caliber (see the rules)
  • Belt-style holster that completely covers the trigger guard of the gun
  • At least 30 rounds of ammo
  • Orange range card (see the CRO for replacement of lost cards)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Baseball-style hat
  • A digital/printed copy of the rules for reference during the test
  • A pen to take the written test

Full requirements are in the Action Bay Qualification Procedures.

The test is an open book 25-question multiple-choice which must be completed in 30 minutes. The passing grade is 21 correct answers, and requires great familiarity with the rules to finish in time.

Resources: Action Bay Range Rules and Cross Functional Rules
Registration is required. Contact Action Bay Chair.

This is a qualification session for the Action Bays. Successful completion is required to gain access to the Action Bays.

Action Bay Qualifications (PISTOL RANGE CLOSED)